“AugenBlick” – NEW SINGLE OUT NOW!

The indie pop band GENTLE GLOW released their fourth single „AugenBlick“, which could be a potential love song. The unique vocals with their classic ballad-like love sound from GENTLE GLOW are the basis that makes the hearts of the audience beat faster and at the same time causes goosebumps.


„It was a dream about a random meeting with a person that formed the thematic basis for this song. When we withdrew to the rehearsal room for a few days in 2017 to prepare for the recording of our first CD, suddenly the musical theme to „AugenBlick“ came up – the song then almost wrote itself!“ says front woman Jasmin Neuninger.


„During the 2 years of the pandemic we realized how important qualities such as love, affection, understanding but also clarity, respect and reliability are for everyone and can become an anchor in times of crisis. We want the audience to have a positive feeling with our songs and „AugenBlick“ as the only German-language song in our program is simply part of it“, explains GENTLE-GLOW mastermind Roman Schrank, talking about the motive for re-producing the song.


It is remarkable how GENTLE GLOW surprises again and again and after the songs „Blossom“, „LaSTCaLL“ and „Time of Wonder“ now step by step reaches a new level with the first German-language pop song.

From September 1st, „AugenBlick“ will be available via Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTubeMusic, Tidal etc.